Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: The Goner - Bitemarks EP (2010)

Want to daydream?
How does a psychedelic acoustic folk stroll sound to you? A peaceful yet strange leisurely walk, almost meandering at times but not quite, along a quiet and steady river stream? This is what is being offered on this EP by The Goner, a Swedish group consisting of 5 members; with 3 albums under their belt, this is their first EP.

At times drone-y, while in others the pace and energy is picked up a little, this little gem is filled with beautiful and gripping folk tunes that can serve as mid-day day-dreaming inducing music.

Two standout pieces here are Lost Summer and Oakmulgee Creek. Both start in a drone-like manner and then develop into a delicate tribal-rhythmic and psychedelic folk direction.

If you like the magic, tranquility and tenderness of folk and psychedelia mixed together (such as in the music by Voice Of The Seven Woods and Espers for example), give this band a listen.

The EP is available for download here.
Label band page
Official website

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